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How to Choose The Right Car for Your Need

While the desire to choose the car that’s classy and elegant isn’t uncommon, choosing the right car for your needs involve a lot of research and a couple of test drives at least. You need to know how well the car works and how comfortable you feel driving it.

With over 20 car brands to choose from today and over a 100 models in the very least, getting the right car is often a very confusing issue. Within that there are various styles to choose from as well and you haven’t even looked at the color options yet!

Choose The Right Car

So how does one choose the right car? Here are the four basic questions one should answer?

  • Do you want a coupe, a sedan, a wagon or a 4 wheel drive?

It is important to separate your needs from your wants at this point in time! For example- you may want a slim and stylist sedan, but since you have a large family, don’t you think that a wagon will be more appropriate? Considering your options in this manner will quickly eliminate all the options that you don’t need and help you retain the right ones.

  • Would you prefer petrol, diesel or maybe a hybrid?

There was a time when there was a marked difference between petrol and diesel cars in terms of smoothness and feel. But a lot has changed and now the difference is a lot less putting petrol and diesel cars in the same category. Also note that diesel cars always come at a higher retail price as opposed to petrol cars due to the apparent fuel saving costs that you will benefit from. But some argue whether the marked price difference can be justified or not. If you are someone who is environmental friendly, note that diesel is declared as a carcinogen today and is one of the major causes of air pollution. You can rather go in for a petrol or hybrid version.

  • Do you choose a first hand or a second hand car?

This simply translates into- what can you afford? There is no running around the bush with this one, and even here, wants and needs must be kept apart, because you may want the latest car in town or even a beautiful image, but if you just cannot afford to spend money to maintain either of the two, then what is the point in buying a car in the first place? Another viable option is to opt for a second hand car that is in good condition. Research everything about the car starting from its mileage to how many kilometres it has covered thus far, before purchasing a used car.

  • Which brand do you need to choose?

To some people, buying a specific kind of brand matters very much. For most people, it signifies a status symbol being seen driving or getting off a higher-end luxury car.

These are just some of the considerations that you might need to take. You will probably have your car with you for a number of years so it’s essential to take the time out to make an informed decision.

Contact NepeanMotorGroup, has experienced team who will help you find the car that suits your budget as well as your lifestyle.

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Buying a Demo Car – A Good Decision?

Most of us remember demo cars as the car we used to test drive in before making a purchase decision. In fact, if you have done enough research into the matter, you would know by now that it is always best to drive a demo car before actually deciding on one just based on the specs. Demo cars or fully referred to as ‘demonstrator’ cars are those cars which are displayed at the car showrooms or at a dealership, which are kept especially for the prospective customer to take a test drive in.

Demo Car

Demo cars are in fact, new cars kept specifically for this purpose at a dealership and are used only by the family of the dealer or by the employees but not to the extent that it is considered an old or a used car. A demo car usually has a certain mileage and a definitive amount of fuel in the tank; this number can range between 2000 to 6000 miles on the odometer. The higher the amount driven on a demo car, the higher percentage discount you are entitled to. So keep in mind these factors before considering purchasing a demo car.

Reasons to buy a demo car:

  • Get thousands of bucks less- Demo car units are likely to have advertising plastered all over its body or atleast in parts of it. This is one of the easiest ways that an advertiser can make sure that his ad is noticed. Thus, if you do purchase this car, then you are entitled to a big discount on the listed price.
  • Almost always in good condition- Since a demo car is often kept at the dealership center and used infrequently, it is almost always in a good condition. These cars are also entitled to a warranty in some cases.
  • Has that different factor to it – If you are the guy who loves to experiment and be different from others, having a demo car is the right way to go. These cars have all the features as any other car of that model but look and feel different.

It is important to ask the dealer about the vehicle history and about how many people have used it prior to this. Only if you are comfortable with its past record, go ahead and discuss a final pprice for the vehicle.

Understanding the different needs

The question through all of this remains as to whether or not buying a demo car is a good decision or no. Usually demo vehicles are not considered great deals and are most often not recommended to people to purchase.  You might find out that the demo car that you are buying has actually got a significant number of miles under it – making the ‘demo’ tag not suitable. It’s important to do a new car cost comparison. Notice how much wear and tear does the demo car have and how good a bargain you are getting for it. While comparing the cost with another new car of the same model, you can deduct 20 cents for every mile the demo car has driven. Don’t forget to calculate the actual price you are paying for a new car of the same model with that of the demo car.

In some cases, if a dealer is offering you a great price on the car and you want to save a couple of thousand bucks, it may be a great option to consider.

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Things You Should Do When Test Driving a New Car

Well, you have finally decided to buy your dream car. Unlike the past, today all dealerships offer test drive to the customers. Some also give you to test drive the car for a day or two – if you get hold of this test drive offer, that’s wonderful else you can always ask for it.

All right! Now you have the car for the test drive. Drive it across the routes that you normally go through daily – for instance, to your work, to pick your children from school etc.

Ensure that you also fit in all the required things in the car’s boot that you normally take with you when going to work or outing etc. This will help you to find out if the car can accommodate everything comfortably, and that you won’t have to put something behind.

Car Test Drive Tips


Feel how all the required things fall into your hands while driving the car – is the gear change effortless and smooth, how do the brakes work etc.

Suppose, you live around hilly region, make sure how the car handles the hilly slopes when driving upwards and downwards. Is the driving comfortable – do the car come with adequate technology for hilly terrains – like the Hill-start assist etc.?

Drive the car on the free-ways, on the city streets etc. to know how it drives on different surfaces. However, drive more on the surface that you normally travel for most of the time.

Try to adjust the driver’s seat of the car – as per your preferences and see how it works. If your spouse also drives, ask her/ him to adjust the seat position per their preferences, and see if it works well.

Notice the side mirrors – try adjusting them and check whether it gives you a clear view while driving. Most of the cars are fitted with curved mirrors these days. If you aren’t satisfied with the mirror’s view quality, there is still time to negotiate it with the dealer – ask them to change the car’s mirrors with a flat glass.

When you are test driving the car, scrutinise the fuel consumption – you can look on the trip computer to get an idea of what the fuel usage will be in the real life circumstances in which you will be using the car.

In case you have children, verify the set up of safety seats – are they effortless to get in and out of the car.

Conclusion: Test driving is very crucial to find out if the car is the right one for you and your family’s needs. These days, with fierce competition to sell cars among the car makers, you can easily strike a deal with the concerned car dealer to facilitate for a test drive of the car for a day or two. This test drive offer will allow you to explore the car in detail and drive it across different terrains to find out if the car fulfills your needs suitably.

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What Do You Desire – When Buying Used or New Car?

We have compiled information that will precisely help you to know what you can expect from a used or new car when buying it for your needs. Here is a quick look:


Price Range $4000 to $6000
A small group of private businesses function to sell used cars between these price ranges, however, it will come with its own problems. Be sure to check properly every minute detail before purchasing a car from this price range. Moreover, avoid buying cars that are not popular models, or look peculiar or are modified versions of the car – These type of cars normally will require heavy repair works and you will find it extremely expensive to keep it on road. Stay out from such used cars!

Nonetheless, it’s safer to buy popular car models that are maintained nicely. Check the engine, brakes, tyres and the overall exterior and interior of the car. If the car meets these essential check points, then be sure that you won’t get heavy expenses once you buy the used car. Take a test drive to ensure everything is working properly. And after you have taken the test drive, park the car in an open ground or space – then come out of the car, bent yourself down and see under the car, and check if any fluid drops are leaking from the car’s underneath. If no leakage of fluid drops are found – wonderful! Surely, you have a decent used car on the offer – at truly affordable price that’s worth every dollar of yours.

Price Range $6000 to $8000
Numerous dealers operate in this price range for selling used cars. Apply the same rule as mentioned above – stay away from peculiar models or modified versions, and just look out for popular car models. In addition to the essential check points mentioned above, you also need to check the distance travelled by the car – that’s crucial. If the car has already run for a distance of 100,000 kilo meters, probably it’s not prudent to buy it. Distance travelled should be around 70,000, so that you can easily use it for 2 to 4 years depending on your specific use. That is to say, if you use daily, probably you can use it for 2 years maximum and if your use is less, then you can use it for 4 to 5 years without facing much difficulties – just you will have to ensure its regular maintenance and repairs as required to keep the car in top condition.

Price Range $8000 to $11000
Usually, big dealerships deal with this price range, and you can be sure that the car is a good one. Bigger and more durable cars will appeal to you in this segment, as they are reasonably priced within this range. Nonetheless, you shall also find beautiful and convenient Japanese and Korean small cars within this range that also offer you good fuel economy – that’s worth your money. Take time and choose the best car from this range that is perfect for your needs.

Price Range $11,000 to $13,000
Typically, big dealerships stock the cars within this price range. These cars will be as good as new, and you get a lot more choices with numerous big cars to select from. You can choose from Falcons, Magnas, Camrys, and Commodores as well as small and mid-sized cars with improved technology and better fuel efficiency.
If you can invest some more money, you can get hold of new and the latest small cars that are appealingly priced.

New cars to $14,000
You will get the range of new small cars at authorised car dealerships. Typically, new cars would start from as low as $11,990 with Alto or $12,990 for Mirage – especially when they are on promotion. Otherwise, you would get Micra and UP that starts from $13,990.

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Things To Take Care While Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car can be tricky, however, with below listed pointers, you can protect yourself from being cheated.

What You Can Afford
Remember, the initial purchase cost is just the beginning, as there would be ongoing costs like fuel expenses, insurance, regular maintenance and repairs plus the interest on the principal amount for which you have availed car loan.

Used Cars Tips

Do your Research Properly
Once you have ascertained what you can afford, you can look around for used cars online or at dealerships. There are numerous used cars put up for sale every six months. One good source to find used cars is – also, they make it possible for you to search using various criteria such as model, make, price, age, etc.

When you get across cars that are too cheap, wait, don’t be tempted to buy it, as there could be a hidden cause behind it. Often only those cars are the cheapest that have some major problems, but not visible right away.

Approach the Seller
Before approaching the seller, keep your questions ready. This can include:

  • Why they want to sell the car?
  • Since how many years they own it?
  • Has the vehicle meet with an accident in the past or was it damaged at any point of time?
  • Will the car pass the roadworthy inspection?
  • Is there any other issues with the car that are not mentioned in the ad?
  • How many kilometres has the car covered till date?
  • What is the service history/ record of the car?
  • Anything else not listed in the ad?

Ask for organising a personal car inspection
In case, the person or the private vendor is not a car dealer, ask them to organise a personal car inspection at their home address. If they aren’t willing to arrange for a car inspection, then there is certainly something suspicious about the car. Remain away from the deal in such instances.

Verify History of the Car
Get the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and verify with the databases in the state were the car is actually registered. This information you will get for a tiny fee, but its worth, as it will protect you to remain away from a lot of problems from dealing in a car that may be perhaps, a stolen one or may not have cleared the loan papers by the previous buyer etc. The states are listed here below:

  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Victoria and Tasmania
  • Queensland
  • New South Wales, ACT and Northern Territory

Test Driving the Car and Inspections
It’s always a good idea to get a professional mechanic to check the second hand car. Both you and your auto mechanic can inspect the car while taking the test drive. Your auto mechanic will be able to tell you exactly if the car has got some serious issues – for instance, the car’s engine may be exhausted or brakes and gears are not up to a satisfactory mark etc. Ideally, you shouldn’t buy a second hand car without getting an opinion from your auto mechanic who is an expert and qualified professional in his field.

Negotiating on the Asking Price of the Used Car
While test driving the car and carrying out car inspections, your auto mechanic will be able to tell you about the issues with the car. And if your auto mechanic advises you that apart from these tiny repairable issues, the car is fine as far as major essential components are concerned and can be a good deal. Then, you can make the list of these problems that you will require fixing. While negotiating with the seller on the asking price, convey to him/ her about the problems that you have noted down and request to reconsider the price or perhaps you may suggest a price. The seller might accept, decline or suggest a price closer to your quoted one. However, try to work-out on a price where both of you come to an agreement. Surely, it pays to bargain.

Final Paperwork and Payment
Before making the payment, make sure to complete all paper work and documentations. Check the seller’s name and match with the documentations and ensure that registration and service records of the car are in perfect order. Also, never accept photocopies, but get all original documents of the car before making the payment. In case, you make a certain advance deposit or full payment, in both cases, get a receipt for the payment made and ensure that seller’s name and full details are on the receipt, it will protect you from the legal point of view.

Buying from Car Dealerships
When you buy a used car from a reputed car dealership like NMG – you will get Certified Used Car because these dealerships carry out extensive revamp to make the car roadworthy and restore it to top condition. What’s more, as the car undergoes rigorous and detailed 200+ point inspections by their qualified mechanics, you will get warranty for the used car purchased from a dealership like NMG. When you deal with them, you also get easy financing options and you will be served free breakfast.

All the Best! Drive Safely and Be Safe

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Superb Skoda 2014 Range – New Car Sales Price

Improved Skoda sedans and wagons convey the fact that less is more. A squeeze, a tweak and some omissions is precisely what the Skoda’s superb range has undergone recently. Skoda’s big car range will no more have the all-wheel drive model, and the lesser turbo diesel and the petrol V6 models. The initiative to remove these models from Skoda’s range of big cars was precisely due to lack of customer demand, however, Skoda hasn’t totally decided to remain away and may return to all-wheel drive if customer demand returns. Overall ownership costs have been reduced up to $2500 for certain models and a flat $1700 for the wagon.


From a price tag of about $33,900, the Ambition 118TSI sedan has been lowered to a starting price of about $31,900. The petrol Elegance model which was priced around $42,400 has been lowered to a price of about $39,900. However, there is a small increase of $500 for the diesel 125TDI model which is priced around $44,900.


The designers have given a face-lift to the nose and tail and certain enhancements to the drive-train have been done beneath a fine-tuned exterior.

Frontal enhancements include a refined bonnet, bumper and grille with shifted and refurbished Skoda logo, with restyled headlights, which are now bi-xenon on the Elegance variant, along with LED sidelights and indicators.
The back side too has been tweaked to grant a cubist triangle appearance. The design of the lights has been modified; making LED the source of light. Also, the operation of boot-lid has been made easier.

The alteration made to engine, recovery of brake energy and with fuel saver setup for stop-start has contributed to a reduction in fuel consumption – the 1.8-litre turbo engine with 118kW of power and 250Nm of torque claims to offer a combined fuel economy of 7.2 L/ 100 kilo meters, which previously gave 7.3 L/ 100 kilo meters.

On the other hand, the 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine which renders 125kW of power and 350Nm of torque now claims to offer 5.5L/ 100 kilo meters, which earlier gave 6.2L/ 100 kilo meters.

However, the gearbox preferences are not altered. Engines are equipped with double-clutch automated manuals – buyers of diesel engine version obtain 6-speeds whereas buyers of petrol powered engine obtain a 7-speeder.

Skoda’s Superb range is equipped with modern and the latest auto-parking technology, which is standard on the Elegance along with heated and power-adjustable front and back leather seats, graceful sunroof, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth and USB input, and 9 airbags for safety. What’s more, it receives a 5-star ANCAP rating for safety standards.

Elegance variants also come with tyre pressure monitor, 30GB hard-drive, Sat-Nav, and 10-speaker audio. Additionally, it has optional Driver Pack (i.e. comes at extra $700) which adds keyless entry and start and fatigue detection for the driver. The Superb has sufficient room in its interior. The sedan has 565-litre of cargo space (1835-litre with rear seats folded) and the wagon has 603-litres and 1670-litres respectively.

2014 Skoda Superb Range – Pricing (Approximation only – Ask your dealer for the exact price that applies to your city)
• Superb Ambition (118TSI) Sedan – $31,900
• Superb Ambition (118TSI) Wagon – $33,600
• Superb Elegance (118TSI) Sedan – $39,900
• Superb Elegance (118TSI) Wagon – $41,600
• Superb Elegance (125 TDI) Sedan – $44,900
• Superb Elegance (125 TDI) Wagon – $46,600

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General Errors Made While Purchasing a Car

Regardless of the where you buy a car from – be it from a local dealership or browse the Internet to find a car that’s put up for sale, we all are inclined to make very basic errors. Here, we bring to you these basic errors so that you can stay careful when buying your dream car.

Car Buying Tips


Always think – what type of car you want to buy
When you’re thinking about buying a car – it’s vital to consider your individual and family requirements. You need to be absolutely sure about what kind of car will be suitable for you and your family’s needs. This will enable you to resist the temptation of going for that extra features and technology, which perhaps, you may never use. This will also precisely help you to make a prudent choice and enable you to get the car according to your budget. As a matter of fact, you should also involve your spouse in this process, which will help you to figure out the car that’s best suited for you and your family.

You are not aware about a test drive or you don’t avail it
A very fundamental part of buying a car is to take a test drive of it. This will enable you to know how the car functions and you will get to know about its different features and most importantly – its performance. You will definitely get a feel of it, which is very important factor before making a decision to buy a car or not. If you all together avoid this step, you may be at a loss – as you would not know how the car works. On the other hand, if you do take a test drive, you will be more confident about the car that you are going to buy. Also, you may test drive it on different surfaces – like city roads that are small, free-ways etc., so that you know how it runs on different terrains.

Always try to get a bargain on the car’s price
Just bear in mind that typically a car salesmen’s job is to get you inside their dealership. As they know once you walk inside the dealership and that you are investing your precious time, you will most probably make a purchase and not leave empty handed. However, it is imperative before you walk into a dealership, to talk with them over phone or put an email inquiry on their website, so that you can easily decide to move out, if you don’t like their offer, even after test driving the car. After all, it’s your hard earned money, and if you think you are not offered a good deal, there is no point in making the car purchase. You have the option to wait for some time to grab a good offer or approach a different car dealership.

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Financing for Buying Cars

At a point of our life, we probably will all dream of buying cars. Our needs to buy a car can vary. While buying a car is important, it’s also crucial to enter into the right Finance agreement. It is important to look at the big picture and not just at factors that include which colour or car to buy.

A thorough homework on the financial strategies before your jump to buy a car is an absolute essential. Look at your finance options carefully to understand what’s the right option to look at.
Car Finance

For personal purposes
Car loan
Obviously, this should be the first option that comes to your mind. There are different types of car loans available at various rates of interest in the Australian market. The first one has a fixed rate where the rate remains constant even if there is any change in the market scenario. The other one has changing rates depending upon the market and time.

Secured and unsecured car loans
Car loan are of two types- secured and unsecured. For the secured car loan, the lender has all the rights over the property if the borrower stops making the payments. This is a reason why the secured car loans have a lower rate of interest than the unsecured one. These kinds of loans are definitely useful for first time buyers as they are simple to calculate the budget with a clear understanding. However, the interest rate may be at times as high as 16.4% in the Australian market, so better look before you leap!

Home loan
You can even increase your home loan amount to account in a new motor vehicle purchase. Here, you need to ensure that enough equity is available for the purchase. Remember, home loan interest rates are lower and so this can be a better cost saving option for you.

For commercial purposes
If you are not looking for cars which will be used for personal use, then a commercial hire purchase, which is often termed as asset purchase is a good option. Here, no capital is outlaid meaning that your cash flow in business is not affected. As there is a fixed scheme for repayments at fixed rates, the residual amount can be paid after the contract ends and the interest amount of the vehicle can be deducted from your tax accounts.

Lease is yet another way of getting financed for your car. Motor vehicle lease is a mutual agreement between the lessor ie the finance provider and the lesse ie the client. The lessor agrees to pay the rent on the vehicle with a certain set of conditions with a pre-calculated residual value of the motor vehicle. In this, one does not need to pay for any capital outlay. As lease is done against a secured vehicle, the rate of interest is generally low compared to the previous options and comes with 100% tax rebate. You can choose from a Novated lease, where there is a financial agreement between you, your employer and the Finance provider. Your employer agrees to pay the money from the pre tax salary, thus reducing your taxable income. You can even ask for a Chattel mortgage which is a type of mortgage for the vehicle being financed. You can buy the car and the finance provider will only have a mortgage over the vehicle.

There are number of financing options for you on hand when buying a car. You need to make sure that the option you choose satisfies your finance and budget requirements.

Are you worried about Car finance or loan? Nepean Motor Group offers flexible finance option which fits your budget comfortably.

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Mitsubishi Trition – The Car for a Cozy Travel

The new GLX-R version of the Mitsubishi Triton is posing to be a real tough competitor to the likes of Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Volkswagen Amarok, Holden Colorado or the Isuzu D-Max. In comparison to the services required from a dual cab, the Triton GLX-R is by far a much reliable four-wheeler than others in the light commercial range.



If you consider the low range commercial dual cabs, the ML Triton was the maiden dual cab that considered the comfort of the back seat occupant. The new Triton GLX-R is still a cozy car to travel. However, the lack of storage space behind and underneath the seat may be a concern for a few. It can still very easily carry more than 950 kg and is a touch less than the best in this category.

If you love to hear the power of an engine, here comes the Triton GLX-R with 131 kW engine. The dual cab from Mitsubishi comes with a 2.5 liter turbo-diesel engine that puts out 131kW and 350Nm with the five speed auto or 400Nm when you go for the manual transmission. Adding value to your investment, the auto also carries a 9.6L/100km combined fuel which is 1.3 liters lesser than the $2500 cheaper five-speed manual. You can truly feel the power within when you drive this automobile.


Still striving to get the five star rating, the Triton GLX-R is still one of the safest dual cabs to travel around. It comes with a 4 star safety rating. The side and curtain airbags along with the driver’s safety airbag assures a lot of safety to avert immediate impacts or accidents.

Feel the Drive
Cruising on the Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R with a medium or low load is definitely a delight. According to automobile experts, the dual cab is consistent with an 11.0L/100 km cruising on an open highway. Although it is not considered as fuel miser cab, a payload of 650kgs can easily be managed within a 75 liter tank fill.

The steering of the Triton GLX-R, a 4.25 turning lock to lock makes maneuvering a tough job, however, the low range four wheel drive system which is still lever-selected is not an issue for drivers.

Although it still strives to match the on-road refinement of the likes of Ford, Mazda and the Volkswagen – the Triton GLX-R offers a very good ground clearance while in traffic. There is an occasional groan when loaded. However, the overall experience will definitely be a rattle free drive.

Return on Investment
The Triton GLX-R offers the best value for money as far as the likes of dual cabs available. Priced at a few dollars above the $48,000 mark it is way cheaper than the HiLux SR5 ($54,490), the Ranger Wildtrak ($59,390) or the Amarok Ultimate ($61,490).

The GLX-R model is impeccably designed with a leather steering wheel and gear knob, carpeted floor, an overhead console, Bluetooth phone connection, power windows, a handy readout. The front fog lamps, plus chrome detailing, tubular side steps, alloy sports bar and 17 inch alloys adds to the grandeur of this effective and grand dual cab.
Probably, a touch screen multimedia interface could have added to the return on investment testimonial. However, the newer models are presumably coming with that along with a satnav, a reversing camera and sensors.

No wonder, why the automobile industry experts finds promise and intent in the GLX-R as an ultimate solution for dual cab users.

Our decree
As the Triton GLX-R evolved from the ML-generation Mitsubishi Triton that came in the market in 2006, it emerges as a much better and more reliable car in that price range. It promises to accomplish everything that is expected from a modern dual four wheeler.

Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R
Price: from $48,240 (auto)
Engine: 2.5-litre turbo-diesel four; 131kW/350Nm
Transmission: 5sp torque converter auto; dual-range 4WD
Thirst: 9.6L/100km; 253g/km

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Whether to Buy Car Privately or From a Known Dealer?

Not all of us can afford the best sedans and hatchbacks out there. You can actually prefer to buy a used car from a known dealer to offset the price tag and buy a car that is on sound health. The first thing you need to do is to go for a thorough research through the online advertisements, local newspapers and magazines.

There are various types of sellers that are available in the Australian market who can help you get the right kind of second-hand car that you are looking for. Here is a look at the different places you can buy your car from to save big.

Car Dealer

This is where both private sellers and buyers meet together in one place. Talking legally, it is similar to that of buying from a private dealer. The advantageous part is that you get to know all the latest models of the cars and can probably go for a test drive for the models you short list. However, it can get very difficult to have a look at all the cars in a single day. With the place being more like a big fair you will probably not get to drive all the cars as well.

Buying from private parties
If you plan to buy privately, the first thing that you should know is that there will probably be minimal rules in the code of conduct. You can get hold of an expert to know the best condition of the car. There is umpteenth number of reasons why a private party might look for selling their car and ideally none of them matters to you until they are quoting abnormally high prices or are trying to make tricky deals.

Try at the auctions
Sometimes auctions are also a great place to get cars from private parties. For a first-time used car buyer, it might sound kind of intimidating to buy from an auction but there are certain significant advantages. for instance, the cars auctioned are generally under the manufacturer’s warranty, they are generally not more than 2 years old and with approximately 40,000kms on the odometer.

Licensed dealers
It is generally more expensive to buy the used cars from the dealers rather than from the private parties. This is primarily for the reason that they trade with the car unlike the private parties. The licensed dealers, complementing its higher price range also provides with certain benefits which a private party cannot. For instance, they have a ‘warranty’ period along with the second-hand car sale. You can get hold of the drive-worthy cars which a private dealer might not be able to provide and it comes entirely to you for making all the modifications to make it roadworthy. Also, it becomes difficult at times to haggle with the private parties as you are buying their ‘emotional piece of joy and pride’! Buying from dealers definitely gives you a peace of mind and a rest from all these mind-blocking experiences.

Other factors to consider
Remember, do not buy a car if it does not have a clear title. Effectively, it can mean that the car is stolen or has a security registered against it. The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce lays down various guidelines as well stating that there must be a three day cooling off period after you buy the car. You have the full liberty to change your mind during this period. What’s more, the owner should give you a mandatory 5000 km warranty for cars below ten years old with less than 160,000 km on the clock.

Remember, buying cars privately can cost cheaper than buying from a dealer. However, you need to be thorough to avoid any unpleasantness later on. Auction houses aren’t a great idea too as the actual hammer price may be quite more than what you would have to spend when buying through a private dealer. More, you are paying for repossessed cars through auctions, which might mean that the cars aren’t in that sound a health.

Planning to buy new or used cars, Contact Nepean Motor Group Car Dealers in Penrith.

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