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Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right car for your needs. A car that’s big enough to take your golf bag or stroller, but small enough to park easily. A car that’s handy around town, yet comfortable for the longhaul as well. Today’s feature vehicle is a car that ticks a lot of boxes, flexible enough to fulfil many needs that the car buyer of today has. And it comes at a great price as well. The Volkswagen Jetta Comfortline 118TSI is the car you need, you just don’t know it yet.


With a solid thud, the door shuts and I am alone in the cabin. The 35 degree heat, the sound of the busy road next to the dealership, it all disappears as I envelope myself in the ‘comfort’ seats specific to this Comfortline model. Studying the well appointed cabin, I can see that a lot of thought has been put into building this car. All important controls fall easily to hand, with steering wheel controls aplenty, in order to keep your attention upon the rather important task of controlling the vehicle. A USB port sits up inside the glovebox, the Bluetooth system connects effortlessly. After adjusting the lumbar seat, I wind the ignition key and wonder if I missed something. I can’t hear the engine at all, but a quick glance at the tachometer tells me the car is actually running. Whisper quiet, the Jetta’s sound deadening properties are something that needs to be experienced to believe. Positioning the gearshift into drive, and touching the accelerator, the car rolls forward and with a feather light touch turn the steering wheel 90 degrees and out of the spot. Only 30 seconds into the test and I am impressed already.

Volkswagen-Jetta-interierOn the open road, the Jetta performs admirably. Pulling out into the traffic, the 1.4 litre twin charged engine catches up to traffic speed and cruises along comfortably. A supercharger helps boost power at the lower end of the tachometer, while a turbocharger ensures of strong, smooth acceleration across the whole rev range. The supercharger and turbo units work together to add power to the engine, meaning lower fuel consumption in order to get the same power as a larger engine. The heat of the air on the other side of the glass is not registered at all, as the dual zone climate control blasts icy cold air into the cabin and ensures of a comfortable ride. Passing through a roundabout, it’s hard not to be amazed by how light the steering is. The ride is solid like a big car, yet nimble like a smaller car, just one of the ways the Jetta manages to dodge being pigeonholed. Winding through the bends, the Jetta is able to power out of corners with ease, the DSG transmission making for seamless gear shifts. The twin clutch plate system means that shifting is smoother, making for a smoother ride for the occupants, and seven gears means that your car will always be working at the optimum engine speed.

Pulling into a service station, I take some time to check out the dimensions of the car. I slide into the Volkswagen-Jetta-interier1back seat, my 6 foot frame easily fitting behind the driver’s seat without having to adjust it. I note the 12 volt power plug in the rear of the centre console, handy for DVD players for the littlies, and vents to keep the rear passengers cool. However, one of the most interesting aspects of the car is the boot, it’s 570 litre capacity has the ability to swallow almost anything you need to transport. The weekly grocery shop, travel luggage, you name it and there is a good chance it will fit in the Jetta’s boot. Taking the car back to the dealership, I am a little dismayed at having to hand back this magnificent machine.

Unable to be pigeonholed, the Jetta is the Swiss army knife of the Volkswagen range. Large enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to be manageable, this is the little sedan that could, that you know is able to fulfil your needs.

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The Best Things Come In Small Packages

Small is always easy, and small is always good! Australians today are veering away from the traditional big cars and preferring to settle for smaller cars.  The change is apparent – with smaller cars using up less resources and lesser fuel, you aren’t just doing good to the world but to your pockets too. Most of us use our cars to go to our work, and you really do not need a SUV to drive into work. Yes, you might not want to drive in those single seater electric cars out there that run at 30 miles an hour, but then you’ve some other good options too.

So here are your top 5 small cars that can help you reach your work place on time, everyday.

Volkswagen GolfVolkswagen Golf- Das Auto takes first place with their new launch of Gold wagons. Very simply, they have hit the nail on its head by giving a small hatchback a big boot! This combination works just fine with the Australians, who prefer driving off to work or any place else in a cosy small car rather than a huge SUV.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus - highlights of this car are the excellent steering with a strong and economic engine. This one is priced between $25, 890 to 28,190 and is a real keeper. The car’s clever system can automatically bring the car to a standstill, even when it is in a collision! For those who fear parking, there is of course, parallel parking assists, where the car can steer itself in between cars and park just right.


CruzeHolden Cruze – this sporty and chiselled car has a flexible turbo engine fully geared with a high-infotainment system. Priced between $21,490 to $28,690, this car has 132kW of power raging through its veins and possesses a torque of 230Nm. All in all, this car offers a higher output and allows for a faster performance than any other petrol-engine competitor.

Mazda 3



Mazda 3 – Complete with a superb automatic gearbox, the Mazda 3 remains one of the most popularly bought small cars in Australia. With a 2.2 litre twin turbocharged engine, this six-speed manual is priced at $40,230, while the sporty automatic is available at a $2000 addition!




Hyundai i30 – Last but not the least, arrives the Hyundai i30 SR, which remains one of the most sensible small cars to invest in. The suspension and the engine of this car, just draws you to it instantly, moving from a 1.8 to a 2.0 litre direct engine. With loads of features packed into the Hyundai i30 SR, this car is popular with the folk of Australia to drive around the roads on a clear day to enjoy the drive all the more!


All in all, today, it is much easier and more economical to maintain a smaller car. Thus, unless it is a necessity and is needed for the members of the family, do not decide to invest in a minivan, which is all probability, you won’t even use!

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SUV Comparisons: Nissan Qashqai vs Holden Trax

What’s the best SUV out there? If you are thinking to go down the comparison route, here are two cars and SUV’s that deserve to be compared. Unlike many other SUV’s out there, these two are few of those SUV’s that can really seem to be good value for money.

So, which one’s better?

Every now and then when comparisons are made of cars, newer features fitted into these cars bring out greater differences. Cars go through a series of tests in order to tests to be compared with.


Nissan Qashqai

  • Pricing :  You can get it from $34, 990 without taxes and on-road costs
  • Value : the high end model boasts of 19-inch thick alloy wheels with heated front seats, tinted rears, climate control and a classy six-speaker USB/Bluetooth audio system. A touchscreen adds a lot more ease into the situation as well.
  • Technology : this 2.0 litre four cylindered car weighs close to 1500 kg and claims to give 6.9L per 100km!
  • Design : Sharp, cut-to-cut features that remind you of the X-Trail with ample cabin space as well as rear space for the passengers travelling in it.
  • Security : Taking the NCAP test as a basis, this scored five stars in their recent test. With six airbags to be deployed on emergency, it also has auto LED headlights and rain sensing wipers that start with a little patter on the screen. To assist the driver’s blind spot, there are 360 degree view cameras that also help in parking or reversing or sensing any moving object.


Holden Trax

  • Pricing : From $29,000 onwards without on road costs and other taxes
  • Value : the Holden has auto headlights and 18-inch alloy wheels, complete with rain sensing wipers and even a sunroof to stick your head out of on those gorgeous blue-sky days! The Bluetooth enabled infotainment system with a built-in touchscreen and apps for cool music and navigation help making the interiors of this car seem to be packed with a lot of technology.
  • Technology : the Holden claims to give a fuel efficiency of 6.9L per 100km too but is a 1.4 litre turbo cylinder with a six-speed auto.
  • Design : Simply described, it is a Barina on stilts. What is important is that the rear can accommodate tall adults who are usually uncomfortable in other cars. It does include some neat designs such as a power outlet on the rear seat and even a light in the small boot! Now these are small aspects that are not considered but are great to use functionally.
  • Security : Probably built as a car to be taken outdoors in the rough, this car has hiss descent control, along with stability control, six airbags, a rear view camera and reverse sensors as well. Along with this it also has what the Nissan has- auto headlights, rain sensing wipers and auto door locks.

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Hit the gas with the all new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good, raging jeep ride through the rough countryside, steep hills and rugged paths? If there is any way to do a journey such as this, it needs to be done in the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, which till date remains a personal favourite, among most car fanatics.


And if you are the kind who is the sports car kind, then the Jeep can knock off the socks of any other racing or sports car in its league. With the speedometer moving from 0 to 100km/h in less than five seconds flat, your eyes will remain glued to the dashboard simply because of its quick movements! Slip into the race-inspired leather interiors and feel like racing ahead on a crowded and noisy race track! With its new heated steering wheel and voice activation features along with paddle shifters, you are all ready to hit the race track any minute!

So why own this particular car and what is so inspiring about it?

While there are plenty of reasons you might like the SRT, here’s a look at few of the most amazing ones.

  • It has an eight-speed transmission that delivers high-power via a 6.4 litre engine.  You can move through the shifts quickly enough.
  • It comes complete with an eco-mode and fuel saver technology, helping the world remain a greener place
  • From the pricing point of view, it costs about $50,000 less than your BMW, while almost double that cost lesser than a Mercedes. You get a strong, power efficient car such as this for a good value.
  • Weighing approximately 2289 kg, this throttling beast roars forward with all its might when you hit the gas With its 20-inch polished wheels made of alloy and 295/45- series tyres, the Cherokee SRT always seems to respond with quick accuracy.
  • Moving onto suspensions, the SRT is firm due to the all-adaptive Bilstein independent suspensions that make sure of the SRT’s long-lived future existence.
  • This one is a tough machine built purely to conquer any road that it encounters. With its’s big cube V-8 engine, this 4WD has been built to minimise wheels spins and has just the right amount of torque.
  • For the size of the vehicle the fuel consumption is isn’t as heavy. Expect to be using 12 to 15 litres per hundred kilometres if you take it out for normal drives, but expect more in around town commuting.
  • This one is a sure-shot style machine as well. The Grand Cherokee SRT is black, with a seven slot front grille, and even has LED tail lamps that have black surrounds! What a beauty!

The liftgate is also power operated and you have the blacked out bezel lamps that seem extra cool. There’s a new rear spoiler as well and a seven slot grille that just makes the car look a lot more classy. There’s around 7000 pounds of towing capacity as well, something that’s definitely going to help you if you are say, moving to a new place.

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Choose To Invest In The Best SUV Diesel Car

Every car buyer has this dilemma. Do you go in for a petrol or a diesel car? Petrol cars may cost less but you are going to spend more on petrol, in all likelihood. Diesel cars may cost more but diesel generally costs lesser than petrol.

You will probably be getting a number of conflicting ideas, something that’s common as the market’s flooded with cars. If you or your family is confused at, here are a few options to consider before you make a choice for your ideal car.

SUV Diesel Cars

  • What’s your budget?

This is one of the most important questions to ask and only then decide. Your eyes may be set on the hottest BMW or Audi, but if you are going to end up stretching your budget, it really doesn’t make sense. Focus on how much you can spend. Remember to think of the long term, and what you would be spending in the next 5 or 10 years. The car needs to have a good fuel economy for instance.

  • How many people are you?

If it’s just you and your wife at home, it doesn’t make sense investing in a minivan or a large vehicle. An SUV or sedan works just fine for the both of you.

  • Diesel or petrol?

Consider a diesel car when you really use your car and take it on long journeys and heavy duty driving, while petrol works just fine for regular in-town driving and nearby trips.

Based on the above points, here are a few car options to consider:

  • Jeep Cherokee SRT

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is quite the car to reckon with today. With one of the largest V8 engines available in an SUV today in Australia, this SUV will surely make heads turn. With a powerful 344kW/624Nm engine, this high-performance SUV sure has the interiors to match the exteriors! Available at $77,000 plus on road costs, this SUV may make you push your budget a little more than you thought, but it is definitely worth the ride!

  • Kia Sorento Diesel

This economical diesel engine gives this car an immediate edge over the others, especially those SUVs that are petrol powered. It definitely fits into a comfortable budget plus has a good amount of luggage space and is overall a big car. So if you are the house which entertains guests regularly or plans trips with your rather large family, then this car becomes quite ideal. Without adding the on road costs, this car will cost you $39,990.

  • Mazda CX-5 Diesel

This diesel SUV beats the Honda CRV by just a little, based simply on its towing capacity. While the CR-V has a 2000kg rating, the Mazda beats it by being an 1800kg towing capacity, and of course also has the more forceful diesel engine too! With a cost of $39,470 applying to the manual version of the car, Australians in general may not be happy settling for a stick shift. So do consider the other options to weigh out against each car, in order to decide which will be the one for you!

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How to Save Money on New Cars?

Everybody loves new cars. And just about everybody will be open to ideas on how to save money on purchasing new cars. It’s an accepted fact that the price tag that comes with a new car is very high to begin with, and it is always considered a major purchase, at least for a fair share of people.

Save Money on New Car

If you are looking to buy in a new car, here are a couple of tips to save money on new cars.

  • Know your budget - Knowing the nuances of your budget in and out gives you a great way of negotiating the budget when the need arises. Thus, you do know when you are deciding a price for the car, you know how much to negotiate and how far can you go on a price.
  • Research - A little background check and reading up about the cars or even visiting as many dealerships always goes a long way. This will not only help in the general pricing but also helps in making you ready for the negotiation process.
  • Compare dealers - with the Internet era, there is no need to even come face to face with dealers either, even though that is a recommended option. Visit sites that allow you to view and compare dealer’s prices and details to help you finalize on one that you will be comfortable with.
  • Weigh out all your options -There is a chance that you may have listed out a few prices against a list of dealers. This is your time to sit with you list and edit it to choose the finally dealer as well as the final price!
  • Older model - If you are the kind of person who just wants a car and doesn’t really care much for the model or the type, then choosing a slightly older model will allow you to pay a lower price for it. The newer the car and the model, the more expensive it is.
  • Contact an agent - Check with an agent about all the costs related to the car before investing in one. Starting from the maintenance costs to the fuel to the servicing, all costs must necessarily be taken into consideration over and above the cost of the car itself.
  • Be patient - Buying a car is not easy, and definitely the choosing process is even tougher! Through all of this you can only remain patient and not lose your cool, considering it is very easy to do so.

Your new purchase should be dictated by a comprehensive look at the features and the aspects rather than just taking a look at what you like. Check out the mileage for instance. The more the mileage, the more economically friendly the car is. However, you would also need to take into note how much you would be driving the car. Spending lot more on a car that gives a better mileage and driving it once a month is not going to fetch you any economic benefit.

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How to Choose The Right Car for Your Need

While the desire to choose the car that’s classy and elegant isn’t uncommon, choosing the right car for your needs involve a lot of research and a couple of test drives at least. You need to know how well the car works and how comfortable you feel driving it.

With over 20 car brands to choose from today and over a 100 models in the very least, getting the right car is often a very confusing issue. Within that there are various styles to choose from as well and you haven’t even looked at the color options yet!

Choose The Right Car

So how does one choose the right car? Here are the four basic questions one should answer?

  • Do you want a coupe, a sedan, a wagon or a 4 wheel drive?

It is important to separate your needs from your wants at this point in time! For example- you may want a slim and stylist sedan, but since you have a large family, don’t you think that a wagon will be more appropriate? Considering your options in this manner will quickly eliminate all the options that you don’t need and help you retain the right ones.

  • Would you prefer petrol, diesel or maybe a hybrid?

There was a time when there was a marked difference between petrol and diesel cars in terms of smoothness and feel. But a lot has changed and now the difference is a lot less putting petrol and diesel cars in the same category. Also note that diesel cars always come at a higher retail price as opposed to petrol cars due to the apparent fuel saving costs that you will benefit from. But some argue whether the marked price difference can be justified or not. If you are someone who is environmental friendly, note that diesel is declared as a carcinogen today and is one of the major causes of air pollution. You can rather go in for a petrol or hybrid version.

  • Do you choose a first hand or a second hand car?

This simply translates into- what can you afford? There is no running around the bush with this one, and even here, wants and needs must be kept apart, because you may want the latest car in town or even a beautiful image, but if you just cannot afford to spend money to maintain either of the two, then what is the point in buying a car in the first place? Another viable option is to opt for a second hand car that is in good condition. Research everything about the car starting from its mileage to how many kilometres it has covered thus far, before purchasing a used car.

  • Which brand do you need to choose?

To some people, buying a specific kind of brand matters very much. For most people, it signifies a status symbol being seen driving or getting off a higher-end luxury car.

These are just some of the considerations that you might need to take. You will probably have your car with you for a number of years so it’s essential to take the time out to make an informed decision.

Contact NepeanMotorGroup, has experienced team who will help you find the car that suits your budget as well as your lifestyle.

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Buying a Demo Car – A Good Decision?

Most of us remember demo cars as the car we used to test drive in before making a purchase decision. In fact, if you have done enough research into the matter, you would know by now that it is always best to drive a demo car before actually deciding on one just based on the specs. Demo cars or fully referred to as ‘demonstrator’ cars are those cars which are displayed at the car showrooms or at a dealership, which are kept especially for the prospective customer to take a test drive in.

Demo Car

Demo cars are in fact, new cars kept specifically for this purpose at a dealership and are used only by the family of the dealer or by the employees but not to the extent that it is considered an old or a used car. A demo car usually has a certain mileage and a definitive amount of fuel in the tank; this number can range between 2000 to 6000 miles on the odometer. The higher the amount driven on a demo car, the higher percentage discount you are entitled to. So keep in mind these factors before considering purchasing a demo car.

Reasons to buy a demo car:

  • Get thousands of bucks less- Demo car units are likely to have advertising plastered all over its body or atleast in parts of it. This is one of the easiest ways that an advertiser can make sure that his ad is noticed. Thus, if you do purchase this car, then you are entitled to a big discount on the listed price.
  • Almost always in good condition- Since a demo car is often kept at the dealership center and used infrequently, it is almost always in a good condition. These cars are also entitled to a warranty in some cases.
  • Has that different factor to it – If you are the guy who loves to experiment and be different from others, having a demo car is the right way to go. These cars have all the features as any other car of that model but look and feel different.

It is important to ask the dealer about the vehicle history and about how many people have used it prior to this. Only if you are comfortable with its past record, go ahead and discuss a final pprice for the vehicle.

Understanding the different needs

The question through all of this remains as to whether or not buying a demo car is a good decision or no. Usually demo vehicles are not considered great deals and are most often not recommended to people to purchase.  You might find out that the demo car that you are buying has actually got a significant number of miles under it – making the ‘demo’ tag not suitable. It’s important to do a new car cost comparison. Notice how much wear and tear does the demo car have and how good a bargain you are getting for it. While comparing the cost with another new car of the same model, you can deduct 20 cents for every mile the demo car has driven. Don’t forget to calculate the actual price you are paying for a new car of the same model with that of the demo car.

In some cases, if a dealer is offering you a great price on the car and you want to save a couple of thousand bucks, it may be a great option to consider.

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Things You Should Do When Test Driving a New Car

Well, you have finally decided to buy your dream car. Unlike the past, today all dealerships offer test drive to the customers. Some also give you to test drive the car for a day or two – if you get hold of this test drive offer, that’s wonderful else you can always ask for it.

All right! Now you have the car for the test drive. Drive it across the routes that you normally go through daily – for instance, to your work, to pick your children from school etc.

Ensure that you also fit in all the required things in the car’s boot that you normally take with you when going to work or outing etc. This will help you to find out if the car can accommodate everything comfortably, and that you won’t have to put something behind.

Car Test Drive Tips


Feel how all the required things fall into your hands while driving the car – is the gear change effortless and smooth, how do the brakes work etc.

Suppose, you live around hilly region, make sure how the car handles the hilly slopes when driving upwards and downwards. Is the driving comfortable – do the car come with adequate technology for hilly terrains – like the Hill-start assist etc.?

Drive the car on the free-ways, on the city streets etc. to know how it drives on different surfaces. However, drive more on the surface that you normally travel for most of the time.

Try to adjust the driver’s seat of the car – as per your preferences and see how it works. If your spouse also drives, ask her/ him to adjust the seat position per their preferences, and see if it works well.

Notice the side mirrors – try adjusting them and check whether it gives you a clear view while driving. Most of the cars are fitted with curved mirrors these days. If you aren’t satisfied with the mirror’s view quality, there is still time to negotiate it with the dealer – ask them to change the car’s mirrors with a flat glass.

When you are test driving the car, scrutinise the fuel consumption – you can look on the trip computer to get an idea of what the fuel usage will be in the real life circumstances in which you will be using the car.

In case you have children, verify the set up of safety seats – are they effortless to get in and out of the car.

Conclusion: Test driving is very crucial to find out if the car is the right one for you and your family’s needs. These days, with fierce competition to sell cars among the car makers, you can easily strike a deal with the concerned car dealer to facilitate for a test drive of the car for a day or two. This test drive offer will allow you to explore the car in detail and drive it across different terrains to find out if the car fulfills your needs suitably.

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What Do You Desire – When Buying Used or New Car?

We have compiled information that will precisely help you to know what you can expect from a used or new car when buying it for your needs. Here is a quick look:


Price Range $4000 to $6000
A small group of private businesses function to sell used cars between these price ranges, however, it will come with its own problems. Be sure to check properly every minute detail before purchasing a car from this price range. Moreover, avoid buying cars that are not popular models, or look peculiar or are modified versions of the car – These type of cars normally will require heavy repair works and you will find it extremely expensive to keep it on road. Stay out from such used cars!

Nonetheless, it’s safer to buy popular car models that are maintained nicely. Check the engine, brakes, tyres and the overall exterior and interior of the car. If the car meets these essential check points, then be sure that you won’t get heavy expenses once you buy the used car. Take a test drive to ensure everything is working properly. And after you have taken the test drive, park the car in an open ground or space – then come out of the car, bent yourself down and see under the car, and check if any fluid drops are leaking from the car’s underneath. If no leakage of fluid drops are found – wonderful! Surely, you have a decent used car on the offer – at truly affordable price that’s worth every dollar of yours.

Price Range $6000 to $8000
Numerous dealers operate in this price range for selling used cars. Apply the same rule as mentioned above – stay away from peculiar models or modified versions, and just look out for popular car models. In addition to the essential check points mentioned above, you also need to check the distance travelled by the car – that’s crucial. If the car has already run for a distance of 100,000 kilo meters, probably it’s not prudent to buy it. Distance travelled should be around 70,000, so that you can easily use it for 2 to 4 years depending on your specific use. That is to say, if you use daily, probably you can use it for 2 years maximum and if your use is less, then you can use it for 4 to 5 years without facing much difficulties – just you will have to ensure its regular maintenance and repairs as required to keep the car in top condition.

Price Range $8000 to $11000
Usually, big dealerships deal with this price range, and you can be sure that the car is a good one. Bigger and more durable cars will appeal to you in this segment, as they are reasonably priced within this range. Nonetheless, you shall also find beautiful and convenient Japanese and Korean small cars within this range that also offer you good fuel economy – that’s worth your money. Take time and choose the best car from this range that is perfect for your needs.

Price Range $11,000 to $13,000
Typically, big dealerships stock the cars within this price range. These cars will be as good as new, and you get a lot more choices with numerous big cars to select from. You can choose from Falcons, Magnas, Camrys, and Commodores as well as small and mid-sized cars with improved technology and better fuel efficiency.
If you can invest some more money, you can get hold of new and the latest small cars that are appealingly priced.

New cars to $14,000
You will get the range of new small cars at authorised car dealerships. Typically, new cars would start from as low as $11,990 with Alto or $12,990 for Mirage – especially when they are on promotion. Otherwise, you would get Micra and UP that starts from $13,990.

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