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Get your car serviced before your Christmas road trip

As we are all aware the Christmas and New Year holiday season is almost upon us, and many of us have booked to take our families away on our annual holidays.

We always try to remember to pack all of our necessities and ensure we take all precautions not to leave anything behind for our trip.

But what precautions do we take with our vehicle, that could travel anywhere between one hour and in some cases, up to 15 hours?

So, here’s a very important question for you, has your vehicle been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements?

If not, for you and your family’s peace of mind, you should book your vehicle in for a safety check, and if it has not been serviced recently, then it should be.

Don’t be peer pressured into ditching the dealer and going to your local mechanic, while it may save you a few dollars, manufacturer approved dealerships employ factory trained technicians who can also check for any outstanding computer updates using the latest diagnostic equipment, and check for any outstanding recalls, which your local mechanic cannot.

When it comes to your family’s safety, cutting corners for a few dollars is a dangerous risk.

Your holiday could be potentially ruined by a breakdown of your vehicle, simple precautions such as checking the brakes and ensuring there is plenty of brake pad life to ensure maximum braking efficiency and early detection of worn brake pads could also save you a huge expense if the disc rotors are damaged.

Checking all the fluid levels and topping them up with the correct manufacturer’s specified fluids is extremely important, as well as checking all the tyres for pressures (including the spare, as quite often the spare is forgotten due to it being out of sight).

While the pressure is being checked, a service centre will also check for any irregular tyre wear that might be occurring, and of course, how fun would a summer road trip be if your air conditioner stops working? These very important checks and simple fixes are a must-do before any family holiday.

To those of you setting off early this year, please be safe on our roads.