Nave was great! Excellent customer service and overall pleasant to talk to. Love my new car!!

Rebecca Crittenden - Sept 2017

Kane was very open with me and I felt I could trust his information. No too pushy made it a very easy decision to come back to Nepean motor group!

Carol Frith - Sept 2017

Love my new car. Glided along so effortlessly. Tess love should get a promotion. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Michael Anthony Kira - Sept 2017

My experience with the purchase of my new Nissan x-trail has been nothing short of pleasant and also fun unlike the previous purchase of my Mazda 3. Thank you to Nav and Adam I am very happy with my new SUV.

Mary Azzopardi - Sept 2017

Nicole Was completely helpful and created a great experience. I was completely Satisfied with my overall transition and would highly recommend everyone to Nepean Motor Group.

Robert Pazgjara - Sept 2017

Had an absolutely incredible experience with Nepean Motor group and had the best service from both Daniel and Sam from Suzuki!

Laura Jones - Sept 2017

Best shopping + Purchase experience in memory, that includes buying a house! Johnothan deserve a promotion, the best customer service myself and my family have ever received we love NMG!

Klauz Englehardt - Sept 2017

Thank you Brittany Oxton, Debbie Sillankorva, Sonja Stewart and Corrine Henry from Nepean Motor Group for making buying a new car stress free :) even if i was a pain in the ass over the last week wanting EVERYTHING lol and wanting it done ASAP you girls are the best THANK YOU for making it all happen and sooooooo quick LOVE our new Nissian Pathfinder 7 adults seats no more sooky lala kiddies not wanting to sit in the back back... LOL

Kerrie Attwill - 22 Sept 2017

The service I received at Nepean motor group was amazing!

All staff were friendly and helpful, if anyone out there is looking for a new car, get down to Nepean motor group and find Brittany and Corinne and you will not be dissapointed !

Aaron Hale - 14 Sept 2017

Very friendly staff. Didn't treat me like a moron when showing me the car. I felt looked after. Great service

Roger Morr - 13 Sept 2017

Thanks to the team at nepean motors Nav, Corinne and Deb .From the first day we set foot in the yard. You made us feel very welcome and special. You couldn't have done more for us .your service was just awesome. I have no hesitations in recommending nepean motor group to everyone.!!!. thankyou I love my car

Toni Harris - 7 Sept 2017

I have just purchased a Triton exceed and I must say that I am very satisfied thus far.

I would also like to say that I was very impressed with Rachel O'Connor in her professionalism & knowledge that she and her sales team showed.i would also like to thank the service team for their great service.

I have no reservations in recommending NMG.

Wayne Allen - 28 Aug 2017

Just purchased my new 2017 Mitsubishi triton . This being my first purchase from nepean motor group and not my last. Rachel O'Conner was amazing who was able to answer any questions and also kept me updated with the progress of my car. All other staff members i dealt with were amazing and bent over backwards to get my self in a new car quickly. I'm extremely happy with my new car and the service, happy to recommend nepean motor group to my family and friends.

Steven Cooke - 26 Aug 2017

I buy the Nissan navara I feel great while I am driving...thanks for my salesman Nab his very helpful to us.

Colin White - 23 Aug 2017

What an amazing experience! The whole team at Mitsubishi were wonderful! Huge thanks to Rachel and Kim for all your hard work! :)

Emma Doberer - 13 Aug 2017

What a great experience buying my Nissan Xtrail this week. From the whole team but especially Clay who was fabulous to deal with and made it all painless

Tracey Burrell - 13 Aug 2017

Have been happy with everything Rachel our sales lady is very helpful ,took my car yesterday for its 1st service the staff very helpful and only took 1hr ,and I had a complementary breakfast while I waited very happy.

Lyanne Hitchen - Aug 2017

Today I had the best car service that anyone could hope for anywhere. On Friday evening our 8-month-old Skoda Yeti began making a strange intermittent grinding noise somewhere in the front axle region.

On Saturday, I called and was told by the very helpful respondent to bring the car in on Monday and that an email would be sent to Service notifying them of this.

Today (Monday) I arrived at 9.00. Obviously, there was no paper-work for a normal booking, but there had been an email received.

Everyone was very helpful and concerned that something could be wrong with such a new car. Paperwork was quickly produced and signed and I was able to take a staff-member for a test run. Of course, nothing showed up – until we returned to the car-yard, where the noise suddenly appeared. The look on the faces of the staff at reception area said it all. They heard it! No fuss, no problem. I was given a café voucher and the car was taken in to sort out the problem. Shortly after 10.00, I was told the car was ready to go. A stone had lodged above the driver’s side front disc – fortunately on the edge, so no permanent damage had been done. All fixed! Thanks again to all the staff involved for such really friendly and efficient service.

Very happy and Very Relieved Customer!

Peter Shepherd - Jul 2017

Adam was friendly and polite, let me know all the info I needed in a timely manner. Excellent customer service. VW staff also friendly and easy to deal with.

Sue Taylor - Jul 2017

Kristi is very courteous, made me feel very welcome! This would have to be one of the best service experiences i have had. Keep up the good work!

Suzuki Australia - Jul 2017

Happy, great service!! Good breakfast!

Bruce Smoothie - Jul 2017

Brittany was extremely Professional at all times.She was not pusy which we appreciaed as we made our decision.Would highly recommend Nepean to other buyers.

Mrs Diana Taylor - Jul 2017

Tess was a pleasure to deal with!

Daniela Flynn - Jul 2017

Having purchased 7 skodas previously the 8th skoda is amazing and it was a great buying experience.

Andrew Eves - Jul 2017

Always great service. It is a pleasure to go for the service. I am always telling people how good it is. I survey people for this and I must say other dealers do not give as good as this.

Sandra Balzan - Jul 2017

Steven was extremely easy to deal with as he was not pshy or arrogant. Steven also explained things extremely well especiallt considering there wasn't any pajeros in stock at the time to show me.

Emma and Bradley Neate - Jul 2017

Michael Zavec - excellent service advisor, good customer relations. Excellent service carried out on motor vehicle. Explained everything to me and gave detailed report on what was carried out on the vehicle. Thank you once again, good service.

Paul Crofts OAM - Jul 2017

Steven did a great job with me eventhough he was not feeling well.

Karen Ford - Jul 2017

Regarding my overall experience with Steven Eccles, I could not be happier. He was very professionnal, knowledgeable but was not a pushy typical car salesmen. It was great. I felt like my needs and wants were most important to stevenn whhich is great for a buyer. Even my mother in law commented on how lovely he was. Awesome Experience!

Lillian Rebel - Jul 2017

Very happy with the car. Service from Kane,chris and Kim.

Justin Dunn - Jul 2017

My Family are enjoying to be in a new Swift thanks to your team.

Scott cunliffe - Jul 2017

Your courtesy bus driver was a gentleman of the top order. Also your staff were polite and helpful. Top Class! A1 experience.

Lynne Clarke - Jul 2017

I recently stopped by suzuki to pick up a brochure. Kane showed me the swift that i was interested in. I went for a test drive and sighed on the spot. Two hours later after picking up my swift, I returned to Kane and signed up for a second swift. very happy with our new cars and very happy with the service provided.

Tracy Dunn - Jul 2017

David Graham listened to my needs and understood my situation needed a quality car but big enough for my 6'4" frame.

Michael Daryer - Jul 2017

Completely satisfied with all the service from start to finish. I have forgotten the name of the person whom i dealt with, but he was very professional.

Garry & Sharon Shaw - Jul 2017

Everyone deserves a pat on the back. The people I dealt with were great. Loved the breakfast idea, makes waiting for the bus no drama!

Helen Badrick - Jul 2017

Suprised by a sparkling car after a long hard day, many thanks!

Nada Malek - Jul 2017

John-Scott was very helpful and professional also Michael from service fixed me up with a loan car, who says Ford is the only company that gives you a loan car.

Custom Service Leasing - Jul 2017

I hav been wary of dealership's due to past experiences. When I saw the car and star rating for customer service I decided to take the 50km drive I have been amazed at the great customer service, nothing comes close. I will be coming here next time.

Steven Shepherd - Jul 2017

Thanks guys for making my first car buying experience a positive one!

Emma Lazzaro - Jul 2017

I found the whole experience very good you people know how to do customer service.

Robert Barton - Jul 2017

I thank your crew for the courtesy and professionalism displayed to me. This is my 6th Mitsu,I have purchased and I am 110% happy with all aspects of the purchase.

Geoffrey Woods - Jul 2017

Jessica in service bookings was very helpful. Got my car done before I had to go away and leave golf clubs in the car that wouldn't lock. Thank you to the workshop for fixing my locks so quickly. Very happy with NMG.

Paul Heckel - Jul 2017

Michael Zavec gives wonderful customer service. Very attentive, friendly & helpful. I received a breakfast voucher which was lovely. The staff in cafe were friendly & helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Received a complimentary car wash which was a lovely gesture also, as I had an 8 week old newborn on the day of service. Most definately likely to return for next service.

Cassandra Laing - Jul 2017

Chris Tillot was amazing. he kept us informed on the complete delivery process, Kane also was a complete pleasure to deal with. Welldone to you both.

Peter mcCahow - Jul 2017

Extremely happy with the service and attention to detail offered at Nepean Motor Group.

Mr&Mrs Allsopp - Jul 2017

Really appreciated the personalised service I received from Daniel - felt like an actual person - not just another sale.

Andrea Deighton - Jul 2017

Adam was so good and he made it so easy to see we were doing the right thing sticking with Nepean Motor Group.

Peter Roye Davis - Jul 2017

Daniel was very down t Earth and great to deal with. I had been to two other dealers both deemed to be disintereted in having a deal, my time is valuable you win hands down.

Mark Thomason - Apr 2017

Kane was great to deal with, He made the whole experience of buying my ery first new car amazing and personal, and he has continued to make sure everything is going well and has gone above and beyond to help me with my enquiries.

Zena Kaddour - Apr 2017

Very helpful and welcoming would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Camille Gozales - Apr 201

Adam and Brittany have been excellent to deal with. Have refered friends to go see them.

Sarah Verwey - Apr 2017

After visiting many local dealerships in the Penrith area, I receieved the best service at Nepean Motor Group by far.

Mathew Wilson - Apr 2017

Its fine, an ongoing issue and its all fixed, they picked it up, they had some issues, that’s all fixed now, I reckon every person you ring is happy, we had a loan vehicle, they let us know what’s going on, they text us, we left it there, they are really good. 9 out of 10, you got the parts in and did the job and no more issues, we will keep coming back.

TIMBERFIX - Sep 2016

My husband & I are very happy with our pucrchase of a Golf GTI. We both felt Kieran offered a great service which made it a pleasant experience. My husband is driving at the moment and loves it.

Christeen Warn - Aug 2016

I was very satisfied with Josh. He's the ideal salesman, not pushy at all and naturally passionate about the VW brand. I will recommend him in the future.

Andrew Berry - Aug 2016

Best experience I have ever had, I went in and everyone was so lovely, You guys are so great, the whole experience was amazing, it was so easy, the Advisor was excellent. Right down to the guy that drives you in the bus, to the staff in the Gourmet Cafe. I have been in Sales for 35 years,and that's how it should be done,. I would honestly recommend everyone I know to go to you guys, so Thank You so much. Even when I purchased Corey was amazing, I found him so good and not pushy at all, right from the word go, I wasn’t even planning to buy that day. My son bought 2 cars from you guys and I thought You know what I’m buying from NMG, and I am so glad I did.

Jeffrey & Bronwyn Harper - Aug 2016